Italian singer girl’s still a minor part as a backing vocalist for some of the few live performances of the great singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti. In 1981 he took his first steps as a solo artist with “No ragazzo no!” and “Un paese che muore”, with lyrics written by Ermanno Trapani and music signed by Buby Senarega and Aldo De Scalzi. After years of animation in Latin America back to Italy between 1998 and 2005 he designed and conducted two TV shows: “L’importante è partecipare”, a musical show, “Va già bene che” a program of social nature. From 2000 to 2007 she was president of the Roman club “Blu notte” where they were discovered several bands. Also in 2007, was one of the stars of the feature film “Meravigliosa medusa”, directed by Paul Vandoni for Swiss television, and released the album cover of “Io Battisti lo canto così”.

In 2008 made ​​a tour in Italy with the songs of Battisti revisited in Jazz and in 2009 he wrote two songs for Ecuador: “A mentira” and “Mi amor” in collaboration with Luigi Piergiovanni record. In 2009 made ​​a tour in Ecuador also participating as a guest of the most important television shows. In 2009 and 2010 goes live on Canale Italia and Gold TV as Maristella & Primitives Legend. In 2010 thanks to the meeting of pretty largest publisher Lucio Garbo TV joins the cast of Singing and Dancing also works with regard to ideas and suggestions television. In 2010 he released called “Oggi le canto così” and in 2011 made ​​a television program: “Italia Amica” program to cultural background, social and musical, in which in addition to being author it plays the role of presenter.